Contract Manufacturing
at Olimp Labs

Take advantage of our 30 years of experience in the production of medicines, medicinal products, dietary supplements and functional foods.

Contract production

We manufacture products from an idea to the final product

Contract production at Olimp Labs offers a wide range of possibilities – from the creation of ready-made solutions to the comprehensive development of completely new products.

Are you looking for a trusted manufacturer for your products or want to create new ones under your own brand?

    Analytics and research

    Research and Development Center

    At Olimp Labs, we create food of the future, medicines, medical devices, food for special medical purposes, products for athletes and people with an active lifestyle, and dietary supplements of the highest quality.

    Our Research and Development Center has the only artificial gastrointestinal tract in Poland, which allows us to conduct unique research on the absorption and influence of drugs and dietary supplements on the composition of microbiota in the intestines.

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    Contract production

    Wide range of forms and product categories

    Facilities and laboratories, which are equipped with cutting edge equipment, allow the use of the most advanced technologies in the production of different types of formulations. We create, among others, tablets, capsules, flow caps, sticks, ampoules, zips, sachets and many others.

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    We supply products of the highest quality all over the world

    We produce for the best

    years on the Polish and foreign markets
    markets worldwide on all continents
    tested top-quality products
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    Constant development

    Future foods

    In the laboratories of the Research and Development Center, our experts design and create the food of the future. Thanks to the implementation of the latest production technologies in the field of functional food, we are constantly developing our offer in response to the growing market demand. The laboratory techniques used allow us to study the real impact of innovative products on people. Our products have a positive effect on the body’s functions, characterized by unique pro-health properties.

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    This is where we create the products of the future

    See how the highest quality drugs and dietary supplements are made