Contract Manufacturing

We manufacture products from idea to final product

A cooperation model tailored to your expectations

Contract manufacturing at Olimp Labs offers a wide range of possibilities - from the production of ready-made solutions to the comprehensive development of completely new products.

Stages of cooperation
Specification and research phase.
The possibility of developing a product concept based on specific needs and objectives.
Quality control and testing.
Quality control and testing
Production of semi-finished and finished products.
Manufacturing of products in accordance with ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP quality standards.
Designing labels and packaging.
Opportunity to create visual identification and marketing support when developing the product and brand image.
Packaging and logistics.
We have one of the most modern distribution centers in Europe.
Registration processes.
Support in developing and sharing production documentation.
production capabilities

We produce a wide range of products

We offer various types of formulations, a very wide range of packaging types, efficient and safe technology and pharmaceutical production standards.

New investment

We create the functional food of the future

We have invested nearly PLN 200 million in the food of the future, implementing the Future Food 4.0 project.

The goal of our latest implementation is the modernization and expansion of the Research and Development Center, as a result of which we will be able to create the functional food of the future. Thanks to the innovative production process, we will provide products that have a positive effect on the functioning of the body. Additionally, they will be enriched with live cultures of probiotic bacteria, which will retain their properties even at room temperature.

The products will be produced in liquid form and in the form of bars.

Wide range of products

Take advantage of the wide rage
of available formulations

We carefully develop and manufacture products in almost all available forms and categories.

Flow caps
Effervescent tablets
Liquid forms
Semi-liquid and gel forms

Check out the packaging options for products

We develop and prepare packaging tailored to product type and customer expectations.

For pills and capsules
For powders and granulates
For beverages and liquids

trusted partner

We are a partner you can trust

Each production process in the company is subject to strict quality control, both on the internal and external implementation level.
– we have an authorization for the manufacture or import of a medicinal products (authorization number 199/0371/15),
– we are listed in the national register of manufacturers, importers and distributors of active substances (entry number 149/WTC0371/API/18),
– we are GMP and GDP certified.

Workshops and laboratories

See our production facilities

This is where the products of the future are made

Bottling line for liquid products like shots, syrups.
The line for packing capsules and tablets into blisters and unit packages
The line for packing capsules and tablets into blisters
Capsule machine
Coating machine
Sacheting machine

Are you looking for a trusted manufacturer for your products or want to create new ones under your own brand?