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Modern laboratory facilities and unique research technologies

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Research and Development Center

We have one of the most innovative research centers in the pharmaceuticals and sports supplements industry in Europe. It is equipped with ultra-modern research equipment and high-end technical devices for production on a laboratory and semi-technical scale.

In the Center, it is also possible to manufacture pilot products for clinical trials and carry out stability tests, which allows for visualization whether the assumptions made at the research and development stage are transferable to an industrial scale.

innovative research

Unique research opportunities

We conduct experiments in our laboratories:

  • using tissue cultures and flow cytometry for further analyses
  • on the world’s unique TWIN-SHIME model of the gastrointestinal tract, which reflects the work of the human gastrointestinal tract in every physiological state along with the behavior of the microbiota. The system reflects the influence of food ingredients, drugs, and dietary supplements on microbial cells, as well as allows us to analyze the fate of the product in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • tests on volunteers in a dedicated study of exercise physiology – an exercise room.
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innovation and technology

Modern technological facilities

One of the most important areas of our activity are services provided by modern Quality Control Laboratories (microbiological, analytical and physicochemical). They are equipped with equipment of the highest standard, including: apparatus for high-performance liquid chromatography HPLC, gas chromatograph GC, apparatus for atomic absorption spectrometry AAS, set for thin layer liquid chromatography TLC, decay time apparatus and mercury analyzer.

analytical and research capabilities

Wide range of tests and analyses

The Research and Development Center includes state of the art facilities and laboratories, which enable, among others:

  • conducting research on the content of active ingredients, microbiological purity and physicochemical parameters in raw materials, semi-finished and finished products,
  • conducting stability tests under any storage conditions,
    transfer of analytical methods
  • qualification and verification of active ingredient suppliers.
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Experienced academic staff

Scientific activity

The staff of the Research and Development Center constantly and effectively cooperate with recognized academic centers and authorities from the world of science. Distinguishing yourself on the pharmaceutical market and building trust with end customers is only possible when the products meet their needs and expectations and satisfy them with interest. We pursue this goal through continuous research conducted in cooperation with the academic community.

The results of research conducted as part of scientific cooperation are used in the preparations we manufacture. This is one of the reasons why we are so often one step ahead of the competition.

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