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The Olimp Labs Group is in need of various types of services and products. We have high expectations, but at the same time are a reliable and loyal partner.

imperative criteria of supplier selection

We expect the highest quality raw materials and services

As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, we are a large recipient of raw materials and active substances. In order to ensure the continuity of our production and its highest quality we are open to working with potential producers of raw materials.

become an olimp labs supplier

Basic purchasing policy

Our purchasing processes are oriented towards ensuring optimal principles of cooperation, adherence to good purchasing practices and conducting business activities with respect for loyalty and honesty.
The parties involved in the purchasing process should respect broadly understood business ethics, including in particular the principle of confidentiality of information important to all parties.
Olimp Labs aims to maintain long-term good relations. We are committed to working with partners with a good reputation, who adhere to values consistent with our identity.
Each potential supplier must complete a supplier/manufacturer cooperation questionnaire.
Each supplier must ensure that the cooperative requirements are met and ensure the possibility of long-term cooperation. It is required that the supplier has a certified ISO quality system and good manufacturing practices.
Potential suppliers should provide a price quote, taking into account additional costs such as transport, packaging and other additional expenses. In addition, the offer should include clear financial conditions, technical specification, quality certificates, draft cooperation agreement and proposed terms of cooperation.
Potential suppliers are selected by the Procurement Department. If necessary, a representative of said department will ask for additional information. The evaluation of potential suppliers is carried out according to the following criteria: quality, price, credibility, availability, delivery terms, commercial terms, technical support, documentation.
By sending the supplier / manufacturer's questionnaire, you accept the terms of cooperation with Olimp Labs.
For more information about all purchasing processes and other topics related to purchases at Olimp Labs, please contact the Procurement Department.
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Procurement department - products and services

If you are certain of the highest quality of your products, raw materials and solutions, please contact our procurement department to present your individual offer.

We expect safe and certified raw materials from our suppliers. We invite you to work with us.